Alson Kelen

Photo of Alson Kelen

Bikinian cultural elder and Master Navigator


  • Expedition Team

Alson is a Bikinian cultural elder and master navigator and the director of Waan Aelõñ in Majel (WAM).

WAM is a program that is committed to empowering young Marshallese men and women by giving them the skills they need to move forward into a sustainable and happy future.

Waan Aelõñ in Majel (WAM) is committed to empowering the young men and women of the Marshall Islands, endowing them with the skillset essential to bring them into the global society in which we find ourselves today.

WAM uses traditional Marshallese skills for men and women as a medium to transfer needed life skills and capacity building to the youth of the Marshall Islands.
The WAM program promotes sustainable economic and cultural development, national unity and self-identity.

Alson was also the Mayor of Bikini Atoll (November 2009 to 2011); Councilman for Bikini Atoll (November 2007 to November 2009); Chairman of Marshall Islands Shipping Corporation (2006 to 2015); and President, Council of NGOs (2005 to present). Member of the National Nuclear Commission 2018.