Caesar Jewan Jamore

Photo of Caesar Jewan Jamore

Artist and Poet


  • Artist,
  • Expedition Team

Caesar Jewan Jamore is an artist and poet from The Marshall Islands. He will be taking part in the Jo- Jikum expedition.

"My roots derive from Monaleej, Bikini and Loij, Kwajalein, where I currently reside. I recently graduated from Kwajalein Atoll High School and will be enrolling at the College of the Marshall Islands this fall."

He is hoping to create art and poetry for the younger generations to understand the effects of climate change and nuclear testing in The Marshall Islands.

Jo-Jikum is a Marshall Islands based non-profit dedicated to empower Marshallese youth to become change makers, creators and to help contribute to the survival of their incredible islands.

Caeser Jewan Jamore will be part of the Jo- Jikum expedition in The Marshall Islands. Read more about the Jo-Jikum project here.