Jordan Dozzi-Perry

Photo of Jordan Dozzi-Perry

Film maker and Sound Engineer


  • Expedition Team,
  • Artist,
  • Film Director

Jordan Dozzi-Perry is a Vancouver based filmmaker, artist, and entrepreneur.

His film work has primarily focused on social, cultural and environmental issues working independently and collaboratively alongside impact-focused organizations such as ReCork, Sustainable Surf, and SeaTrees. His feature length projects include Saltwater Buddha and Nasima: The Most Fearless. As of late, he has rekindled his passion for science and has founded Repose Health, which aims to fundamentally change the way we approach digestive healthcare. When not at work, he can be found in his garden, in the ocean, or out exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Jordan Dozzi-Perry will be part of the Jo- Jikum expedition in The Marshall Islands. Read more about the Jo-Jikum project here.