Konea P. Ishimura

Photo of Konea P. Ishimura

Jo Jikum Programme Manager


  • Expedition Team

Konea is an undergraduate student at the university of The South Pacific currently pursuing his Bachelors of Arts degree in Law and Sociology.

Konea comes to Jo-Jikum from Pacific Regional Innovation Network (PRIN) Under USP & UNDP where he was tasked to create a 'Hub for Innovation'- A place where aspiring creators, entrepreneurs and talents can connect with established likeminded individuals who have knowledge and experience in their respective professions.

Since transitioning to Jo-Jikum, Konea has proven himself to be a great leader and a good friend. Within the span of just one year, he's successfully led various projects focusing in climate change. conservation, and preservation pf Marshallese legends. He credits his personal growth and professional success to the whole Jo-Jikum cast who are the living embodiment of the Jo-Jikum motto 'liok tut bok.'

"They are the Pandanus 'liok' so deeply rooted in Marshallese soil, unwavering and determined to make a difference despite all the odds stacked against them."

Konea will be part of the Jo- Jikum expedition in The Marshall Islands. Read more about the Jo-Jikum project here.