Nenol Kaminaga

Photo of Nenol Kaminaga

Poet and Climate Advocate


  • Expedition Team,
  • Artist

Anfernee 'Nenol' Kaminaga is an Artist and Advocate for climate change, nuclear justice, LGBTQI+ rights, human rights, and youth rights.

Image Credit: MARKK Museum Am Rothenbaum | Paul Schimweg. 

"I am a queer indigenous Marshallese who grew up in the diaspora and has since “re-rooted” myself in my own culture by re-learning the basics, but I’ve been able to interpret my experiences and express them through various forms of art. I have a poem out called “This Land I Call Mama'' with NDC Partnership and I am still in the works of creating a film highlighting all of this called “Iakwe Means Hello”. I’ve had the privilege of producing/ directing a video essay on the Marshall Islands nuclear justice movement but also with modern sea voyaging and was recently featured in “The Healer Stones of Kapaemahu'' and #PacificPortraits exhibit at the Bishop Museum in Hawai’i by Kumu Hinaleimoana Wong and QWaves Productions, as well as a feature in “We Have a Dream'' by World Dream Project from Japan. The designs I’ve provided have been works I've made this year as a freelance graphic designer. I make sure that everything I work on or am a part of has the essence of “punk”, or challenging normality, with the roots of my Marshallese culture. "

As of January- April 2023 they've dived into their first artist residency with the MARKK Museum in Hamburg, Germany- providing an art piece for the Loose Ends exhibit; a look into the practice, skills, and craftsmanship of Marshallese Jaki-ed- Marshallese woven traditional dresses.

Being part of the Jo- Jikum expedition is a chance at reconnecting the “loose ends” of an intricate part of the Marshallese culture that’s been somewhat lost today and a chance at revisiting ideals of value of object and relationship with the Marshallese-German past. 

Nenol will be part of the Jo- Jikum expedition in The Marshall Islands. Read more about the Jo-Jikum project here.