David Buckland- Undeniable Truth

Since 2001, Cape Farewell has embedded climate scientists with artists, writers and film-makers to address humanities greatest challenge: climate change.

“We face our humanity and its effect on climate change with a cold stare crafting works that are as emotionally alarming as the hard facts of our scientists.”

David Buckland- Discounting the Future, Ice texts series, 2008 and Baby on Ice, 2008

The scientific evidence is clear: our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, and in damaging and potentially irreversible ways. The urgency isn't being communicated successfully enough to provoke the real change in our societies. Anthropogenic climate change threatens us all with an uncertain physical, social and economic future, so why are we not engaged in sorting out our future?

The lens of the Cape Farewell project has shifted from looking at causes, to mapping solutions. What we need now is human-scale solutions to global concepts.

We want to change the way people think about climate change. We work in the powerful space at the intersection of art and science, prompting dialogue between leading creatives, scientists and informers. From these conversations compelling artworks grow, conveying the urgency of climate change with simplicity and directness.

What we need now is human-scale solutions to global concepts.