Forget Not The Victims of Nuclear Testing

Forget not the victims of nuclear testing

Mai poina nā luahi ho‘ā‘o nukelea - Forget not the victims of nuclear testing.

Rounding off a month of travel, I have returned to Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, to take part in an art exhibition of works created during our trip to Bikini several months ago, and participate in activations around the Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day.

Inspiration that spans Pasifika and Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day March through central Majuro.

The staggering toll upon the health and livelihoods of the Marshallese people is a reminder for the world that these communities have had their apocalypse, their World War III, justified by the madness of nuclear proliferation. Coupled with the intergenerational heightened risk of cancer related illnesses, these islands and atolls are facing the worst effects of climate change, making the goal of staying and surviving on as a nation extremely precarious. As a creative team, myself and a host of international artists have had the honor to join with a hui of Marshallese creatives collectively called Jo-Jikum, to speak to these issues through the first of many ongoing exhibitions which will span the globe. These topics are universal, and it was vital that the first show was here in Majuro.

President Hilda Heine (in pink dress) visits the exhibition and The powerful work of Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner.

My humble contribution will be in many parts, beginning with the work I created while on the Bikini trip, and will include future visions of what solutions will look as the Marshallese people work to adapt to existential threats, and at the core I am inspired by their resilience and determination not to lose thousands of years of independence, culture, and identity because of the apathy of power-hungry nations. Here I would like to take this moment to thank Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner, Dustin Hiram Langidrik, Konea Ishimura, Jobod Silk, Meyar Margaret Laukon, Faith Lanwi, and everyone who was involved in exhibition. Though the challenges seem insurmountable, it is this belief that a world exists where all the dreams of these gentle and wise people will manifest. As stated by the newly elected president of the Marshall Islands, Hilda Heine, it will take a large amount of creativity to work our way through these challenges, so it is good to be in such company of makers and dreamers.

Dreamscapes and Walking from island to island.
Coral Computers and Graphite Study.